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2010 Taurus SHO Press Release by Matt Wheeler

Introducing the new Ford Taurus SHO: Video

The new Taurus SHO has very good specs that set it apart from the past SHOs.  For example:

  • Twin Turbo V6
  • 365hp
  • AWD

The new SHO has some other advantages like the motor.  It will be found in at least 4 other Ford vehicles so it will be easier to find parts for the SHO. The SHO will have the most horsepower out of all the other vehicles at 365hp and the next one down will have 355hp. With the 365hp it will really help to bolster the SHO's performance image. The SHO also features a very flat torque curve that peaks at 350ftlb.  The SHO will also use speed density, not Mass air unlike the regular Taurus. This flatness is similar to that of a diesel motor.

2010 SHO Dyno


Mileage Compare

For the given horsepower range the SHO is on top!

Something that every SHO owner has wanted is true dual exhaust and the new SHO has it. The exhaust goes though 4 cats which then both pipes flow into a resonator and then splits back out to go to the mufflers. The resonator acts as an "X" pipe.

2010 SHO Exhaust

 2010 SHO Exhaust

The accessory side of the motor is starting to look a bit bare as there is no power steering pump! Ford opted for an electronic steering control. Ford will also be offering a Track Pack for the SHO which includes a tweaked steering ratio.

Engine Side

The Duratec 3.5L has been upgraded internally to handle the 12psi of boost the turbos will be producing. The 6speed auto has also been upgraded to handle the power as well. It does share some components from the regular Taurus for the transmission but it has been upgraded where needed. Since Ford was not able to produce a manual at the time they were able install paddle shifters so you still get control of the shifting. The AWD can shift up to 90% of the bias to the rear at full throttle. The suspension has been upgraded as welll with a more sporty suspension for the SHO. The springs and struts along with the sway bars have been tweaked for the SHO. Sounds like a Gen1 SHO, right?

SHO Engine Specs

SHO Engine Specs

2010 SHO Turbo

The Garrett Turbo attached to the manifold.

The interior has all of the accessories available to the Taurus to give it a very nice plush interior. Just like SHOs of old it had the best possible interior with leather seating and perforated suede. Seems like a little like the Gen1 SHO again.

The interior features many things such as:

  • Push Start Button
  • Color Adjustable Ambient Lighting
  • Aluminum pedals
  • Ford SYNC
  • SHO Floor Mats

Some options:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Rear Camera
  • Blind Spot Information System
  • Sony 12speaker 390watt Audio System
  • Heated and cooled seats front and heated rear

SHO Interior

SHO Interior

SHO Gauges

SHO Pedals

SHO Floor Mat


The new SHO keeps with the SHO tradition of being a sleeper performance sedan. With only the front corner lamps being the real difference, as well as some small badges, the SHO is hard to notice. This is great for when racing the Mustang! The spoiler is functional to provide downforce on the rear.  Something that was very interesting was the capless fuel system which made it so there was no cap to loosen when filling up the SHO. The SHO does feature 19in rims. This will be the first SHO to come with HID's!

SHO Exterior Front

SHO Exterior Rear

Capless Fuel

Keeping with Ford's tradition, the SHO includes the keyless entry but it now blends seamlessly with the car so it no longer sticks out.  A very nice touch.

Keyless Entry

A SHO First! The new SHO will also feature a Performance Package with the following:

  • Performance Brake Pads
  • Sport Tuned Electronic Power Assisted Steering
  • AdvanceTrac (Electronic Stability Control) Track Mode/True Off
  • 3.16:1 Final Drive Ratio
  • 20" Rims with Performance Tire Compound and Tire Mobility Kit (deletes spare tire)

Overall the new SHO is an awesome package at just under $38k offered by Ford to bring back the SHO. For everyone who wants to tinker with their SHO you might want to remove the plastic intake.

SHO Engine Cover

This article was published on Sunday 15 February, 2009.
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