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SHO Source Coilover Kit 89-95



SHO Source Coilover Kit 89-95

In stock!  On the shelf!  Ready to ship!

We are pleased to offer the SHO Source Coilover kit as the first true drop in option for coilovers. These high quality coilovers are custom designed and fabricated for us in Europe.  SHO Source coilovers offer the most flexibility on many of any Taurus suspension system on the market:

  • Springs:  You can select soft springs for a street car, or you can select super stiff springs for a race car.  We supply the coilovers with a set of springs that are in the middle of the normal range (448lb/in front and 336lb/in rear), so you can use your car for street and track use, but you can select most any spring combination you want when you order your custom kit.  
  • 18 Position Damper:  Additional flexibility comes from the 18 position struts that let you easily and repeatably adjust the compression and rebound of the damper (compression and rebound are tied together with one adjuster).  
  • Ride Height:  Your next choice is ride height.  You can set up your car for the track with a ride height that will not even allow you room for a low profile floor jack, or you can set your ride height at a comfortable stock level for street use.  The ride height is set at the bottom of the struts instead of merely lowering the spring perch like all other SHO coilovers currently on the market.  This is a critical enhancement, because you do not have to sacrifice strut travel to set ride height.  You have the same suspension travel when it is fully lowered or fully raised.
  • Corner Weighting:  Corner weighting is rarely talked about with SHOs, but our coilovers give you the best opportunity to correct the corner weight of your car.
  • Adjustable Swaybar Endlinks:  Our coilovers come with adjustable mounts for the swaybar endlinks, which allow you to correct the geometry and eliminate any preload in the swaybar.  If you want to do this on conventional SHO struts, it would cost you $375, but this feature is built into our coilover kit.
  • Camber/Caster:  Our coilovers were designed to work with our existing SHO Source camber caster plates and articulating spring mounts.  The camber plates and spring mounts for the front are not included because many people already own sets , so they can be reused with the coilovers. The camber/caster plates can be found HERE

These coilovers are a work of engineering art and function better than any coilover kit we have ever seen.  The coilovers come preassembled and are ready to install as you would a conventional strut (no cutting or strut modification required).    

Tech Notes

Features the following:

  • 18 levels of adjustable dampening/rebound. They are tied together when you adjust.
  • Front spring rate is 448lbs and the rear is 336lbs.
    • Non standard rates are available for special order.
  • Height adjustable of 2-3"
  • Uses a stock rear strut mount.
  • Uses our SHO Source Caster/Camber Plates and Articulating Spring Mounts for front mounts (reuse your current parts if you have them, or order a set with the coilovers)
  • Includes adjustable rear endlink
  • Adjustable postion for front endlink
  • Struts are rebuildable

These are drop in items and come complete. You will not need to modify anything other than your strut tower brace (for the camber plate adjustment).

Includes a Limited Lifetime Warranty. This warranties manufacturing defects under normal use as designed. The warranty covers using spring up to 616lbs. Any higher is use at your own risk. The warranty does not cover any labor or shipping.


1989-1995 Taurus Sedan and SHO


Got a question about this or any other SHOSource product? Email us:

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by Samuel Dougherty Date Added: Monday 03 December, 2012
This is a follow up review. SHOsource has assured everyone that they are handling the QC issues themselves. So with that being said here is a review after 200 miles of mixed driving on these. For one, They ride fantastic. My full weight supercharged SHO rode better on these then any spring/strut combo I have tried (Koni/Eibach - Koni/Intrax - Tokico/Intrax/Eibach). The car just glides down roads and takes sharp/sudden bumps with just a firm bump (Not bone jarring, much like my wife's brand new Mazdaspeed 3). There was a slight pogo-effect at low speeds from the rear over some washboard, but stiffening up the rear coilovers made this all but go away. I have mine set on full soft up front and 4 clicks towards firm the rear. (Ride quality was my concern, that is why I set them like that). The valving in these are top notch (They would ride like complete shit if they were not). Handling is what anyone would expect, firm and planted. Very stable at high speed corners and under braking. Some may complain about the price, but keep in mind that any quality coil-over costs good money, especially ones that ride as well as these do. I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who "wants it all" (Performance, ride height, ride quality) in a performance suspension for the SHO. The only drawback is the spanner wrenches. You can use them to get the locking collars tight after adjustments, but make sure you use a hammer/chissel/screwdriver to FIRMLY plant everything in place...

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]
by Samuel Dougherty Date Added: Thursday 23 August, 2012
While these coilovers do provide a great ride, they plagued with quality control issues that have yet to be addressed by SHOsource. For one, you have make the hole larger for the front swaybar end links, as they are way to small. However the BIG problem is the sleeves not being the correct size for the knuckle. In my case, it could have been a VERY bad situation if I was driving at higher speeds. The struts over time rotated while in the knuckle, so much that they caught the sway bar end link mount on the tire. Once they hit the tire, it spun the end link mount on the threads and snapped my front sway bar end link in half. It also caused damage to my tire. After spending $1800 and having numerous delays, I expected a far better product. So far I am extremely frustrated and disappointed...

Rating: 1 of 5 Stars [1 of 5 Stars]

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