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Manual ATX Timing Belt Tensioner D.I.Y. Conversion Kit 93-95



Manual ATX Timing Belt Tensioner D.I.Y. Conversion Kit 93-95

With the difficulty with the hydraulic tensioners and cost to rebuild, we have come up with a new option!  We are now offering do-it-yourself rebuild kits to turn your hydraulic tensioner into a solid tensioner that will never have to be rebuilt again.  This kit will make the tensioner system very similar to the MTX system.  We have a local customer that's been running a prototype for 4 years with no issues and no complaints.  


We also offer tensioners that we have rebuilt that are a direct install as well as the hydraulic tensioners that are OEM spec.  


Tech Notes

We also offer new pulleys: HERE

Includes 6month warranty. The warranty coves a part replacment or a refund at our discretion. 

Replaces Ford P/N F3DZ 6L266-A


After installing this product, you will never have to rebuild your tensioner again or worry about depressing the tensioner.  It will be a solid tensioner and all the tension will be applied using the tool (designed from a factory Ford tool) to tighten the pulley against the timing belt just as the MTX tensioner works. If you have any questions during install, feel free to contact us via email at or via phone at 360-667-8220.  

a.       Begin by removing the snap ring on the shaft and pull the piston and seal out as a unit.

b.       The only parts to be re-used are the aluminum casting, the piston/rod, the seal (as a spacer), and the large steel piston liner that sometimes is stuck in the bottom of the casting.

c.       If the steel piston liner does not come out of the casting, that is not a problem because you should be able to install the new solid aluminum part we provide into the stuck piston liner.  Our machined aluminum shaft replaces all the other moving parts in the tensioner. 

d.       Some cleaning inside may be required to get the aluminum insert installed due to hydraulic pressure created.  Do not remove all the grease on the inside. 

e.       Once the round aluminum block is installed in the steel piston liner and the old aluminum casting, you can reinstall the factory rod into the new aluminum block. 

f.        Install the old seal on the factory rod as a spacer so the snap ring fits tight and install the old snap ring.

g.       You now have a solid tensioner set at a pre-determined optimal height.

h.       Install your timing pulleys and belt, keeping the nut on the tensioner pulley loose for maximum adjustability.

i.         Once the timing belt is installed, you can follow the balance of the factory Ford manual for tensioning the timing belt.

j.         We provide a copy of the factory timing tensioner tool.  It fits into the two holes on the timing tensioner pulley and lets you set proper tension (as per the manual).

k.       Ensure the you have tightened the nuts and bolts on the tensioner pulleys.  They need to be locked down so you do not lose tension.


1993-1995 Taurus SHO ATX (Auto only)


Got a question about this or any other SHOSource product? Email us:

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